Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Love in darkness

It takes a second for love to happen.

I stood alone in the crowding alley.

As loud music reverberated around I stared at a figure without a breathing break. In darkness, the crowd mingled, limbs moved in all directions uncontrollably while I stood there with my hand in my denim jeans pocket and eyes still fixed in the direction of the creation, the one created.

In the motionless stance among mechanical bodies, my mind didn’t flicker an inch. The loveless figure sat at a distance with uncomforted eyes but smile glued on the melancholy filled face; the perfect smile of a disappeared love regaining consciousness slowly.

Our path in-between still crammed by souls in tempo didn’t let us move, or was it the velocity of pain shared by us. The stagnant bodies met in silence. Devoid of the pain we parted.

It reminded me of ‘Karla’ from the book Shantaram. Her poem in the diary narrated by Gregory David Roberts says it all...

To make sure none followed where you led
I used my hair to cover our tracks.
Sun set on the island of our bed
night rose
eating echoes
and we were beached there, in tangles of flicker,
candles whispering at our driftwood backs.

Your eyes above me
Afraid of the promises I might keep
regretting the truth we did say
Less than the lie we didn’t,
I went in deep, I went in deep,
to fight the past for you.
Now we both know
sorrow are the seeds of loving.
Now we both know I will live and
I will die for this love.

In darkness, the figure disappeared among flying limbs. Anxious; I wandered around smoking hopelessly. The moonlight soft skin remained intact in my mind. The ringing shadow of a temple bell gave me solace.

I stood alone in the empty alley.

It takes a second for darkness to give way to yet another dawn.