Sunday, March 8, 2009

It wasn't to be..

It wasn't a fair day. It wasn't. The bus after long had caught pace. It had been moving at snail pace either due to traffic or else the command of the driver.

It was well into mid-night by now. The sudden dramatic speed of the bus had put my face peep off the window to grasp the cool breeze through the quiet highway. It was a relief; not from hot climate but the congested bus and the frustration it had put me into. As if the day gone by had had less burdens in my share. The breeze had set me thinking. As I pressed my hand through my hair; my mind flew through the hours gone by, the day which was about to end or which just did with the culmination of this journey. The bus inside was lit in white fluorescent but the outside was dark.

The breeze I noticed had put my hair into locks of curls towards the right. I have this peculiar habit of not combing my hair most of the times. Only formal engagements force my hand towards the comb. Rest always my hands are best treated for it. The window pane by now had to be shut after instructions from the irritated conductor. I presume few other passengers couldn't adjust with the breeze; and found more pragmatic to be inside the four moving walls. Soon after the lights inside were even switched off. I however continued my gaze through the barrier of tinted windowpane..

The outside came visible with the bus inside going dark. I wasn't supposed to be in the bus, the circumstances somehow had led me into it. The bus journey on highways are something I look forward to most of the times. This time I was compelled silently into the journey of these few hours against my wish.

My friend seated to my right forced me into conversations ranging from Politics to even finding clues to guess the name of my girl friend. I was least responsive of his ever growing dialogues of interest. He shifted to listening music from my cell phone in utter disgust. I finally had silence and darkness at my end; somethings which rarely come in this fast paced life. I wanted to write after long but the situation didn't allow me to move ahead with my idea of penning down my thoughts. The thoughts continued and gave birth to newer ones.

The short break at the roadside dhaba came and went away. I found my way to puff for a few minutes a cigarette in between. The bus journey continued as did the timeline of my own mind..

The brown shirt I wore still had its long hands folded. Someone had made me fold the sleeves till my elbow to make me look smarter along with the pair of jeans. Into that someones thoughts I rested deep into my seat till I reached home..