Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are you alone?

Do you walk alone?
I do.

I walk into the night. There is an uncomfortable silence.  I am alone. The deafening silence is choking. It pours tough questions into the thought process. It mingles with the blood inside my veins sending shivers across the body. It is the darkness of the world. With my head bowed before the evil silence I walk distraught. I walk into the congested woods. The thorns lash at my body. Tears from this journey burn all along. Yes, the pain is unbearable. The truth of this pain has been swallowed. It lies buried inside the ocean of fear, even as the moon is witness.

Am I afraid? 

Has the world left me to walk alone?

Will I be pushed to the corner forever?

Time is a great healer. I however won’t wait for time to transform into a touch of solace. I will walk amidst dark clouds. I will cross the path of fear. The frozen river of hope will have to melt in my presence.  I will talk to the devil into the eyes. The burning rage inside my heart won’t spare the evil silence. I will tear it apart alone. No, the bullet won’t be my guard. The sun will envy my patience.

I will walk alone. I will answer the silence equivocally. I will bring to light the fire of hope. I will conquer the stormy night of discomfort. The gloomy wind will cry at its fate. I will walk alone if the world turns its back to me. I will.

I will drink the tears of sorrow. I will forget the pain of separation. I will burn myself to bring the truth to the surface. I will let an astonished time stare at my actions. I will walk alone.


Akansha Yadav said...

Aditya, in this poem...
"I believe in the refusal to take part.
I believe in the ruined career.
I believe in the wasted years of work.
I believe in the secret taken to the grave.
These words soar for me beyond all rules without seeking support from actual examples.
My faith is strong, blind and without foundation."
- Wislawa Szymborska echoes your thoughts, I feel!

I was particularly touched by these profound lines in your blog -
"No, the bullet won’t be my guard. The sun will envy my patience." ...can take a reader far, wide and deep!

Anil said...

Hum Akeli hi chaleh theh janibeh manzil... Logh Aaateh Gayeh , Karwaan bantah gayah !

Meena Menon said...

It is as if someone has penned down my feelings.....thnx.....

Navdeep said...

this write up sent chill down my spine.. a ghazal came across my mind titled "koi dost hai na raqeeb hai", wonderfully sung by jagjit singh.

Totha said...

"I will answer the silence equivocally. The sun will envy my patience. I will walk alone. I will bring to light the fire of hope."

What's there to say? More than "I'll walk alone."

Time is never a healer. It only leaves scars. Conviction and this resolve to walk alone is the healer itself.