Friday, April 29, 2011

The Kohl Eyes

Not all eyes speak. ‘To the point’, they always remain neglected, ignored. 

Those eyes, however, engage me in a soft conversation. The kohl of her eyes, as if protecting the melancholy. Perhaps, the hidden melancholy of her lost love. Or, my own!

I could see myself in her fixed eyes. Not just in her shades. Within them in those sparkling eyes I stood with a moment less gaze.

Where do I take refuge now to escape from this time of parting? I wonder! The pain has replaced the savour. I hope this pain remains unbroken, forever. Until those eyes return! The kohl eyes!

As we are drawn closer to the time of parting, I’m withdrawn apart in Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s song 'Ik Kudi' :

Ik kudi
Jidda naam mohabbat
Saad muradi
Soni fabbat
Gumm hai, gumm hai
Gumm hai

(A girl
Named love
She is lost
Lost she is)

And, I hope I don’t change, as till this day. The ‘point of view’ would matter as it does today! 

The day isn’t far, when the lost will be found. The coffee will taste the same, as the shreds of garlic bread will remain mute spectators to us both. You and me.

Amid a quiet journey on my way home, I hum a song from ‘I AM’ - “Aankhein Kuch Keh Rahi, Yeh Aankhein, Yeh Kuch Keh Rahi, Keh De Tu Keh De Tujhe, Chup Chap Kaise Rahein”.


Anil said...

eyes behold of era of exile..a history untold

Ritika arora said...

Wonderful..Lovely lines..!!

radz said...

i relate to this so much...
eye's hold so much inside them...and if only we are able to read whats written in them....

arun santoshi said...

"The eyes are the mirror of the soul”

Imperfectionist said...

Eyes speak louder, and you just can't ignore them :|

Amit Raina said...

Very nice. Aankhen bhi hoti hain dil ki zuban

Anonymous said...

serene illustration:)