Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking on Separatist Syed Ali Shah Geelani at the India Today Conclave 2011

Aditya Raj Kaul, India Editor of The Indian, Australia and Founder of Roots In Kashmir who was participating in the India Today Conclave 2011, talked about his own experience and accused Geelani of being true only to his "masters" in Pakistan and not even to his own moderate leaders, such as Abdul Gani Lone who was allegedly killed by the Hurriyat hardliners.


Anonymous said...

Stop indulging in self pity and see the world with the eyes of a liberal. You are not the only one who has suffered indeed the people you blame for your suffering are the ones who have suffered much more than you at the hands of the people you identify with.

Rajiv Kumar said...

The above comment is by a person who believes in killing people to propagate a certain ideology. Aditya don't take these cowards seriously. You are doing a great job! Good luck!

Ronit said...

Rajiv, indeed you sound more like the ones who beleive in killing people to propogate a certain ideology. Are you not a right-wing minority hater who thinks he hates them because he loves his country???

mercapten said...

First of all, dude, addressing yourself in third person on the pages of your 'diary' is creepy as hell.

Secondly, this is more of a scrapbook than an activist's diary.

Now, on the question, it sounds earnest enough but I'm not too sure how level-headed you are as a person though. If you're exiled from Kashmir how in heaven's name are you a common Kashmiri. The term is not supposed to denote that exiling is common for Kashmiris but a person who actually lives and breathes in Kashmir is a common Kashmiri. Kudos for asking that question though but the 'leader' could've pulled your bluff if he actually wished for betterment instead of being heavily muddled in separatist politics.

Lets get back to you again, the reason I am indeed dissecting you is your anti-Bhushan tweet caught my attention and I wanted to figure out why a journalist would feel that way. So, its like this, a common problem affecting our generation is this dual-identity. Your parents were ready to let go of Kashmir for your family's betterment ofc but you on the otherhand is unable to let go. This has been found in the case of the 4 terrorists who caused havoc in London. Three of them were born and brought up in UK but they had this problem of dual-identity that drove them insane. They reached a point in their life that their brain just could not handle their contradictary world, when they saw their 'brethren' being massacred in the middle east and the relatively affluent Westerners around them. Their parents had no idea about their fanatisicm. The parents were able to let go of their homeland but the child is born into a mixed up world. He imbibes a small part of his ancestry resulting in a loss of his identity.

Take what you want from my diagnosis. I am not Left, Right, Topside-up or Bottom-left...but just a human. Don't be so hard on Bhushan, he is just citing the logical way forward. Kashmiris are holding the Kashmiris back. I mean I would love to visit that place but everyone knows the terror threat and corrupt police rule resulting in a vicious cycle. I belong to the Southern part and it still is not clear to me what the Kashmiris want. Do you guys need help from the rest of us? What I've always felt was that Kashmir is predominantly muslim and therefore they wouldn't like to mingle with Christians and Hindus. I have never seen a secualr message coming across from your has-been state.


P.S: I don't mean to incite hatred in you towards me..lol. I'm just saying what I feel, just like Bhushan did, using his freedom of speech. If you guys have a SouthIndian office, I'd like to write for your paper ;p. Leave your retort as comment on my site.

mercapten said...

Crap...URL typo!