Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Long Lost Road...

It wasn't as easy to spend this weekend in the grilling summer heat of Delhi. All alone in my room with books, computer and that single piece of cigarette which I found in some corner. It wasn't as hot as it was during the day; but one could feel a sudden irritation from the changing climate.

I may not remember last night's stroll all alone through the lanes of my posh colony where I live here in the capital; but the past memories flash back like freshness in the humid air. Last year during these very same days I was in a different phase of adulthood; experiencing the best days of my teens.
Home; was hardly where I could be found those days! I was in love with life and wandered all around the city in darkness and in bright light. The time never changed; nor did the places I visited.
It was fun to walk miles with a smile all around my teeth those days; I had begun to leave my lazy routine. It was for good. The stroll through the woods or the silent roads late evening was what I looked forward to each day. Wonder why it wasn't damn tiring even to walk kilometers together!
The heat could hardly bother my mind and soul. The markets, food-stalls, shops, lawns etc. all were so full of life. Can't forget the coffee we shared so often. Money, which had always been a problem; as I hardly earned; never came in way somehow.

And, after 12 months I long for those days. I wonder what happened to those chappals, which we used to wear each day; which made us walk those miles after miles. I stare at them like never before. Momories crash in like never before. Have the lawns, markets, and the shops changed their course ? And, What about that Coffee we shared, I wonder!

I can still smell the fragrance, which filled the air and held me forever.

Though I still can't recollect much of last night's walk; inside me thoughts juggle among themselves.
The heat is at its peak; and it's again uncomfortable to move and live. I close my eyes and think of that freshness in humid air. Its still there; here close to me; forever.

After a while I get up with a shudder; only to find myself in a dream... the dream so true..! The Cigarette smoke can still me smelled in the room.
I put on my blanket; to sleep again; the weekend is about to end...


nerd2world said...

Well who knew you could get so senti over a pair of chappals! But I guess there is more to it than just that... isn't it?

Sharona said...

:) It is nostalgia which gets the better of us most often... but me being me couldn't help writing this: stay away from cigs! They are not to be romanticised however the world may put it through; and this was a good enough piece of poesy without 'em :)

Tanvi Gupta said...

i love d way uve written mr.hmpph...it comes straight frm d heart.. keep up d good wrk !!

shail said...

well written:) transports one to the days just outof college and entering LIFE...
and its exactly that, the threshold :)
but chill, you'll still get chappals, and friends..and who knows mebbe the odd ciggi too:)

Sunanda said...

and the activist is fast turning into a writer with the dream like distant quality in his writings.its nice...and yes stay away from cigs!

Unknown said...

u doing good bac, as usual proud to see ur writings, crisp and simple though they still make the reader wonder and look within.

i am how ever not v happy, sorry for havin a bad influence on u. my fault i apologise, dont be naive to ask fr what.. u know. and yes i am upset, sorry again.

vikas pandey said...

Hey Aditya,

Walking down the memory lane with Chappals! good show.



blah said...

hmm...nostalgia..amidst SUTTA smoke..well i would suggest you to do away with the sutta...in dreams as well!!!!well despite the mature activist u are, u cant hide ur juvenile self,haan...it will take over always .....many many years to go by till u metamorphosize into the lacklustre life of geriatric population like me.....keep going....enjoy!!!!

Aaditya said...

Listen to this song by Take That- Like I Never Loved You At All.
mailed you the lyrics!
PS: why this word verification? such a pain!

rhythma said...

Hummmm..... It's that phase which all of us experience at some point in life.. especially during late teens, when life is most uncertain. But why do we fear uncertainity so much... I wonder!!!

Nazia Erum said...

nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia..
wonder wht set u off on this track? even u walk on road as if u r day dreaming boy!!
wake up! ;)

on a serious note..
i like the way u write.. almost like an extension to ur thought process.. which can literally be heard!! nice! :)

ReCk< said...

garmi mein blanket?? :O

lol...neway....nicely done

"time never changed; nor did the places I visited."
i liked this one though....tu badal gaya adi....main kehta tha na....lol

rahul thathoo said...

its always good to think back in time and see where we have come - what we have learnt, what we have gained (or lost) and what could be done better. but i am sure varun kaul already knows all that - he is just reminding us!! In a very artistic way :-)